New Swimmer: Getting ready for your 1st swim season

Getting Ready for Your First Swim Season!!

Oh My, your child is registered now what.

You may feel lost, like what do I do now. Well guess what we have been there too. We are here to help you navigate through this new adventure!

Things to prepare for June 1st practice

  • 1.Swim towels
  • 2.Swimsuits (I would recommend at least 2) one can dry since your swimmer is swimming 4-5 days a week.
  • 3.Layers, the first weeks of swim practice can be cold in the early mornings!!!
  • 4.Water Bottles and kick boards (smaller kick boards for the littles and adult sized for the older kids)
  • 5.Put your name on your stuff (kick boards start to look alike)
  • 6.Goggles (some swimmers like mirror or polarized)
  • 7.Swim caps for both boys and girls, their hair takes a beating being in the pool that much!
  • https://swimquik.com/collections/new-mark
  • 8.Plan on picking up on time the coaches have other age groups to work and will not be watching all the kids outside the pool deck. Parents are welcome to watch practice outside in the grass area. Do not walk in the landscaping.
  • 9.Team suits are not required for meets but highly encouraged.
  • 10.Where can I order from? Team apparel, Swim Supplies, & Swim caps. By ordering here or under team store on the website you help support the team.
  • A.https://stingraysapparel2021.itemorder.com/sale
  • B.https://www.swimoutlet.com/affiliate_storedetail.asp?sid=13422&sc=
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